The Black Hats


German Version

After renewings and modifications in our leadership we’ve decided to change our Club- Name in march’09.

Basically we want to describe and to show more indentification in our style of WESTERN-LINE-DANCE.Our type of “old style” is based on the Irish immigrants and came back from America to Germany.

Now we’ve started to present our dancing as


More than 25 Cowgirl- & Cowboys Dancers, which stayed together under the name of “Heidecowboys” for more than 15 years are training, practicing and celebrating Line Dance with ultimate speed, fun and power.

The try to teach ourselves in new dances is always based on the fun to create more and more knowledgement.

Our youngest dancer is only 9 years and our oldest member is nearly 70 years old.

The aim is to combine every age under the same ideas and ideals.

We’re dancing for fun on national and international events, on country&western festivals as well as on private events, for example business parties, social institutions or different kinds of anniversaries. Additional we organize family evens for ourselves where friends and interested peoples could join and are even welcome.

Especially for NEWCOMER’s we offer starter courses to teach our knowledgement and to bring over and to show the fun and feeling of real typical Country & Western music and as well  the sportive side of dancing.

Finally let us point out that we’re  non commercial club but you can book us for your event as the highlight, your surprise on your private or social party or as  a show act on official events and celebrations.

Please see our links and find commends in our guestbook.

We invite you to come, to see and to  join our fun.

Let’s come in our lines

and let’s dance country !!!